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Established 1973, the Snobirds Clubhouse is located near Carterbrook, on State Property in St John Plantation Maine. 

Address:  PO Box 85, Fort Kent Mills,  Maine  04744

Contact:  Benson Ouellette, President

Phone:  (207) 316-9261


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​     Recreation

The Snobirds Clubhouse is one of the last remote organized snowmobile clubhouses in Northern Maine. This Clubhouse has been giving snowmobilers a place to hold activities of leisure throughout the winter. Snowmobilers are always welcomed to the Snobirds Club house for shelter, rest and warmth.  Our meetings are on the first Thursday of the month from Nov. through April at the Swampbuck Restaurant.

If you would like to support this Non-Profit organization, we sell yearly memberships and take donations. 
Personal Memberships: $15.00
Business Memberships: $25.00