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Daigle Oil Company is a full service, locally owned energy and 

home comfort company  specializing in heating, cooling and alternative energy requirements. 

Whether you need oil, propane or pellets to heat your home; gas or diesel for your vehicle; a delivery of on or off road  diesel for your equipment; service on your furnace, wood boiler or air conditioner, or are interested in alternative energy products, DOC is here to meet all your needs.  We offer 24-7 service and can respond to a problem with your heating or cooling system in the dead of the night, in a wintery blizzard or in the sweltering heat. Our trained sales team, technicians, delivery drivers and customer service representatives are committed to providing the reliable quality service that your family or business deserves. 

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​      Office: 155 West Main Street, Fort Kent  Maine  04743

      Gas Station: 55 West Main Street, Fort Kent  Maine 04743


Phone:  (207) 834-5027

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Contact:  Sonya Dechene LeBoeuf


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