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Contact:  Jay Plourde, Licensed Maine Forester


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​     Environmental/Forestry Services

     Logging/Trucking/Commercial Equipment

​     Professional Services

Chamber Toll Free: (800) SEE-FKME / (800) 733-3563      Chamber Phone: (207) 834-5354      Email:    Office Hours:  Tues-Fri 10a to 5p(EST)

With over 10 years forestry experience including forest management, operations planning, harvest supervision,  road spotting, and forest management in special areas pertaining to wildlife and recreational waterways, we have the knowledge base to provide you with the best possible services on your land.  

Our services include timber sales, management and harvesting services, land tax reduction/grant opportunities, property line maintenance, land value assessments, educational management consulting, small or large woodlot management, and consultation on such areas as forest health, visual aspects/aesthetics, maximizing value, wildlife and recreational. 

Maine Forest Management, Tailored to Your Forest