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New Bethel Ministries

580 Sly Brook Road, Wallagrass

(207) 834-6698

Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Parish

(207) 543-7447

Includes the following GFK-area churches:

  • St. Agatha Catholic Church 

          379 Main Street, St. Agatha

  • St. Joseph's Catholic Church

          413 Shore Road, Sinclair

  • St. Luce Catholic Church

          441 US Route 1, Frenchville

Parish of the Precious Blood Catholic Parish

(207) 498-2536

Includes the following GFK-area churches:

  • Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Mission

          Route 11, Portage Lake

Portage Lake Congregational Church

3 East Cotton Road, Portage Lake

(207) 435-6996

Agape Christian Fellowship

178  North Perley Brook Road, Fort Kent

(207) 834-3780

Christ Church Congregational

58 Pleasant Street, Fort Kent

(207) 834-5555

First Assembly of God

564 Frenchville Road, Fort Kent

(207) 834-5730

Fort Kent Bible Church

6 Violette Settlement Road, Fort Kent

(207) 231-1565

Gospel Message

Devoe Brook Road, Eagle Lake

(207) 444-5327

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses

913 Caribou Road, Fort Kent

(207) 834-6486

The following is a listing of places of worship in the Greater Fort Kent Area.  

(Chamber Members have a link to their page on this website.)

Greater Fort Kent Area Places of Worship

St. John Bible Church

St. John Road, St. John Plantation

St. John Vianney Catholic Parish

(207) 834-5656

Includes the following GFK-area churches:

  • St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church 

          912 Main Street, St. Francis

  • St. Joseph's Catholic Church

          7 Church Street, Wallagrass

  • St. Louis Catholic Church

          26 East Main Street, Fort Kent

  • St. Mary's Catholic Church

          3443 Aroostook Road, Eagle Lake