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The Town of Wallagrass, sometimes known for Soldier Pond, is a small rural community just outside of Fort Kent.  The breathtaking scenery, friendly people and rural charm, make this town a go-to place for people seeking to relax and just appreciate the beauty of the St. John Valley or take advantage of the outdoor sporting activities of the area (ATV/snowmobile trails, biking, hunting, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, etc.). The municipality of Wallagrass maintains a Town Office (where you can get your hunting/fishing licenses and vehicle/boat registrations), a public park, scenic rest area (283 Strip Road),  and community center (former elementary school building).  If you are interested in renting a room in the community center, either for an event or on a more long term basis as office space, contact them for pricing.

Town of Wallagrass

Mailing Address:  PO Box 165, Wallagrass, Maine  04781

Physical Address:  45 Church Street, Wallagrass, Maine  04781

Phone:  (207) 834-2263

Fax: (207) 834-4518

Contact: Lana Voisine


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