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Northern Forest Canoe Trail

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail is a 740-mile waterway connecting the Adirondacks in New York through Vermont, Quebec, New Hampshire and Maine through the Allagash Wilderness Waterway and ending at the junction of the St. John & Fish Rivers at Riverside Park. Their website uses an interactive trip planner with maps to help you plan your trip - wherever you decide to start and finish.  You can visit this planner at

Allagash Wilderness Waterway

The Allagash Wilderness Waterway is managed by the Maine Bureau of Parks & Lands.  It "is a magnificent, 92-mile-long ribbon of lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams winding through the heart of northern Maine's vast commercial forests. For more than a century 'The Allagash' has been praised and enjoyed as a sportsman's paradise."  

If you are planning on taking a trip through the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, visit: latest conditions and alerts.

The following guide was also downloaded from this site:  Allagash Wilderness Waterway Map & Guide


Also, for an interactive trail map, go to

Snowmobile Trails

The Maine Snowmobile Association has an online snowmobile interactive map which features all the major ITS trail systems; however, as is noted on the website, this is a guide, for more accurate up-to-date information on trails, contact the local snowmobile club listed in the general area.

GPS Trailmasters Interactive Snowmobile Trail Map

The Fort Kent SnoRiders website also posts an interactive map indicating other locally maintained trails in their region. You can view this map at:

Fort Kent Trails & Greenway

The Town of Fort Kent has an combined all of their human-powered recreation trails into one convenient map.  You can view more information about this project and other Fort Kent bike and pedestrian information at

​     Fort Kent Trails & Greenway Map


The following maps were downloaded as individual static maps of trails in the Upper St. John Valley from GoAroostookOutdoors along with a link to an interactive version on

Fort Kent Outdoor Center Trail Maps

The Fort Kent Outdoor Center is a community managed recreational facility promoting outdoor trail based activities year round in the beauty of the St. John Valley.  They offer a wide variety of trails for all seasons - Nordic Skiing, Snowshoeing, Walking & Biking.  The most current maps are accessible at:  

Please note: Membership, Season Pass or Daily Pass is now required to use the trails. 

Deboulie (Topo View)

      Town: T15 R9 WELS
      Difficulty: Easy, Moderate, Advanced
      Length: 16.0 miles, Network

     Maine Trailfinder Interactive Trail Map (Deboulie)

Fish River Falls (Aerial View)   


      Town: Fort Kent

      Difficulty: Easy

      Length: 0.8 miles, Network​

     Maine Trailfinder Interactive Trail Map (Fish River Falls)

​​Fort Kent Riverside Recreational Trail (Aerial)
     -Hiking/Walking, Biking, Running, Snowshoeing
      Town: Fort Kent
      Difficulty: Easy
      Length: 3.0 miles, Network​

     Maine Trailfinder Interactive Trail Map (Riverside Trail)

Maine Dept. of Transportation: Explore Maine By Bike Tours

The following maps were downloaded as individual static maps of bike trails highlighted in the ME-DOT's Explore Maine by Bike .  For more details on each tour, such as conditions, highlights and terrains, click on the tour details link for each at:

​      The County: Trails in various lengths looping from Caribou to the St. John Valley through US Route 1 & Route 161 & 162.

      St. John Valley:  Trails in various Lengths looping Frenchville/St.Agatha to Fort Kent.

Local Trail Maps

ATV Trails

​​The following maps were downloaded from the Valley ATV Riders website at  Please visit this site for trail conditions and updates. 

​      St. John Valley Heritage Trail Ride (approx. 16 mile one-way)

      St. John to Soldier Pond to Caribou Road Loop (approx. 46 mile loop)

      Soldier Pond Loop (approx. 33 mile loop)

      Northern Maine Development Commission Aroostook 2015 ATV Trail Map

Edgar J. Paradis Cancer Fund's Tour De La Vallee

​​The Tour De La Vallee is an annual fund-raising event for the Edgar J. Paradis Cancer Fund which incorporates 25-mile, 50-mile, 62-mile and 100-mile biking routes, a 35-mile mountain biking route and 3k/5k/10k walking and running routes.  The following maps are the routes used for this event.  For more details on the Tour de la Vallee itself and how you can participate, visit

​      Tour De La Vallee Bike Map

      Tour De La Vallee Mountain Bike Map

      Tour De La Vallee Walking/Running Map

Hedgehog Mountain (Aerial View)

Hedgehog Mountain (Topo View)

     -Hiking/Walking, Snowshoeing

      Town: Winterville
      Difficulty: Advanced
      Length: 0.7 miles, Round-trip

      Maine Trailfinder Interactive Trail Map (Hedgehog Mountain Trail)

St. John Valley Bike Route Map

St. John Valley Heritage Trail

     - Hiking/Walking, Nordic Skiing, Biking, Running, Snowshoeing

      Town: Fort Kent, St. John Plantation, St. Francis
      Difficulty: Easy
      Length: 17 miles, One-way

      Maine Trailfinder Interactive Trail Map (Heritage Trail)

Tour De L'Acadie

If you are looking to explore the Acadia of the Lands & Forests Region on bike, Fresh Trail Adventures hosts an annual bike tour of this cross-border region.  Trail directions are located on their website

Lonesome Pine Downhill Ski Trails

Maine's Northernmost Downhill Ski Destination.  For information on fees and hours of operation, visit their website at

Eagle Lake Town Forest Hiking Trail Map

The Town of Eagle Lake has their own trail system that is perfect for the active outdoorsman.  There are three (3) sections to our trails: Trail A, Trail B, and Trail C.  Each trail loops back on to the previous trail, the total miles of the trail system is 2.5 miles.  In the winter, the Town has snow shoes and ski's available for public use. 

Please contact the Town Office at 207-444-5511 for more information.