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Good to Know:

The people of the Greater Fort Kent Area are known for their friendly out-going good nature. They are a passionate hardworking people which has been the key to keeping these communities together during the rough times and making the good times so much better.  No matter where you go, you'll be made to feel welcomed. 

There is always something to do, no matter what the season.  From guest lecturers at the University, to musical entertainment of various genres, to braving the elements outdoors on some sporting activity- a little something for everyone - and if you can't find anything - give the Chamber a call, we can help. 

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Here is a very short list of some local terms someone 'from away' may want to know about:

  • "Wayons-ware" ('Come-on,now' or 'As if')
  • "Ayoye" (Ow/Ouch)
  • "The Valley" (St. John River Valley on Northern Maine's border to Canada)
  • "The County" (Aroostook County - largest, land-wise, in the state)
  • "Ployes" (buckwheat pancake used for many culinary purposes in the    


  • "Creton" (meat spread, usually made of pork - goes great with ployes)
  • "Fiddleheads" (a plant that grows on the local river banks and picked in

            the spring before maturity - served as a vegetable.)

For your information:

  • FedEx Drop-off site: GEI-PC Store - 62 West Main Street, Suite 103, Fort Kent
  • UPS Drop-off sites: GEI-PC Store - 62 West Main Street, Suite 103, Fort Kent & there is a drop-box located in Sears Hometown Store parking lot- 204 West Main Street, Fort Kent.
  • The Blue/White/Red flag with a yellow star is the Acadian Flag, and the yellow painted stars on houses throughout the 'Valley' is a sign of welcome.
  • East Main Street turns to West Main Street in Downtown Fort Kent at the Bridge crossing the Fish River.
  • If you plan on crossing into Canada during your stay, please make sure you have a passcard or passport with you for when you cross back into the U.S. For more information, view Know Before You Go.
  • If you are looking for local transportation options, you can rent a vehicle from Pelletier Motors, or utilize the Aroostook Regional Transporation System (ARTS bus - local bus service).

Visiting The Greater Fort Kent Area